Cruise Directing + A Starbucks GIVEAWAY

I’m about to sound like a broken record because I have mentioned my continuing education class THREE posts in a row now, but I am still not back on my blogging feet since last week because I was so busy this past weekend. I guess I should also say that I am not one of those bloggers with 40+ posts in my drafts. You wanna know many drafts I have in waiting? None. Well, one…the one I am currently writing. I work 10 hour days, so my blogging post-work can be pretty abysmal most days. I also blog completely by the seat of my [khaki] pants. And if I don’t have time to write, I’ve got nothing.

But that doesn’t mean I want to leave my blog snoozing…especially when I have some exciting things happening around the blogosphere. So instead of writing an actual post…I am merely going to send you in the direction of other sites where you may find some interesting content. Maybe.

First up, go over to my girl Giselle’s blog, Diary of an Ex Sloth, where I wrote a guest post yesterday talking about making health a priority. Health is my passion, but I don’t talk about it here on the blog that much (or at all) because I talk health all day long. It was a lot of fun to write a post for Giselle’s blog because she has a really awesome health-inspired blog full of tips and recipes that are relatable and easy. GO THERE NOW.

Making Health A Priority

Next stop, go back to my yesterday’s post if you didn’t read it. I enjoyed writing that one. Especially because just yesterday I had a patient say the most ridiculous thing to me.  That situation exemplified one of the things that suck about my job. As my patient was spewing off comments that literally made me speechless,  I was thinking to myself..Do you read my blog!?  I JUST wrote about this very situation.  I don’t know if it’s kosher to use a blog post to promote your previous post, but I figure what the heck. It’s my blog. GO READ IT NOW.

Finally, you can stay right here or head over to The Thing About Joy where I am being featured and hosting a giveaway with Bree!  We teamed together to giveaway a $65 gift card to STARBUCKS.   Starbucks was an obvious choice from this Seattle girl. Coffee all Fall, is on us!

This non-post is over. Hope you enjoyed where the tour took you. Back for regularly scheduled content some time soon. I have a day off tomorrow…praise the Lord!!

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Why I Love and Do What I Do

Reader disclosure: My brain feels a bit mushy as I write this post, I took a continuing education class all this past weekend. Beyond feeling exhausted, like most classes, I really enjoyed the weekend. The class was covering new concepts in physical therapy and it’s fun to think about all the patients I can apply this information to.

While taking class is fun, there is the downside of continuing education classes.  And that being that lack of a break from physical therapy for far too many days. The days are long and it’s exhausting. But I am a class junkie. I take tons of classes and it’s a commitment worth pursuing.

I do this because I love my job. But loving my job isn’t because every day is wonderful. In fact, let me start by saying how my job sucks. People are rude. They say inappropriate things about me, to me and about others. At times it leaves me absolutely speechless. Like what do you say when someone favorably compares themselves to Hitler? Uh??? I have to deal with insurance companies, who find joy in denying coverage for people that need it. I have to deal with people that don’t want to get better. You may be thinking, Really? People go to physical therapy and don’t want to get better?  You can stop that ridiculousness right there sister, because far more people are not ready to get better than are. And no matter how good of a PT I become, people who are not ready to get better will not get better.

Why I Love and Do What I do |

But of course there is good stuff about my job. The things that get me out of bed in the morning. Other than that lovely husband of mine. I love the actual art of physical therapy. The science and biomechanics behind how the body moves.

When the day comes and AV and I start a family, I know I will be a working mom. I cannot give up this part of me if I can make it all work. I have talked about it many times on the blog before. I find there is nothing wrong with staying home, because everyone should do what they want to do.  I personally find a responsibility to keep providing my knowledge and skill in the working world. Plus, I really love what I do (even though I’m sure it won’t be as much as I love my future children). While that sounds totally arrogant, like the world can’t go on without my services, there is of course a story behind why I feel this way.

My Mom spent almost her entire career at the University hospital here in Seattle where she worked as a registered dietician on the oncology and internal medicine floors. When I was little, I volunteered in the hospital off and on for many years. Each time I was there I got to meet some of Mom’s patients, patent’s families and her coworkers. Even at such a young age, I quickly realized what my mom left the house to do everyday. It was to help people that needed help far more than I did. To hear people tell me how much they appreciated her, made me really understand that she was needed there. My mom started a scrapbook of cards that were given to her to remember the people who’s lives she had entered. By her retirement, after many decades of continued work, she accumulated many memories from her patients.

Twenty years later, I have patients of my own. And I have started my own memory book of patient “thank you’s”. I have discharged many people already, and I have a few items in my book. People come, go through PT, and get better. A handful of them, at that moment where we say goodbye have turned to me in tears and said “Thank you so much, I couldn’t have done this without you”. While I am a firm believer that I help people…help themselves (they do most of the work), I can’t help but get emotional with them knowing that I had a profound affect in someone’s life.

These are the moments that remind me why I love my job. Because while I have to deal with all sorts of crap. I also have patients who are ready to get better. They let me apply my knowledge and expertise, and they come out the other end better and ready for a life with movement. While not every person by a long shot has life changing experiences with PT or are even appreciative when they get better, there are plenty who do.  And for that, I love what I do. And who knows, maybe I’ll have a daughter one day, who will meet my patients…and be inspired, just like I was 20 years ago.


 Flowers2014-03-25 17.44.29

A patient sent me these flowers a few hours after she discharged from therapy. It was such a generous gift, the flowers were almost 3 feet tall! I am lucky to have people be so appreciative and generous. She gave me the nick name of the “bone crusher” because that would be my professional wrestling name, if I had one, ha! 


Italy, A New Job, Grey’s Anatomy, Retirement

Random happens for the last Friday of September. Seriously!?

-My Mom left for Italy yesterday. I usually talk to her every other day, so I will miss our phone chats as she travels for the next few weeks. She went with one of her best friends while she left my Dad at home with the dog. I think it’s kind of funny, but my Dad really doesn’t want to travel, so it is what it is. As I got up far before the sun this morning, I couldn’t help but think it would be so much better to be traveling Europe with my friend. #Retirement

-A few months ago, AV left his public accounting firm to work for a private company. He got the job he was looking for and things were looking good for potential career growth down the road. Well, down the road came faster than anticipated when his boss left the company to take a CFO position somewhere else. Perfect. While it was anticipated that AV would take her job (she was hiring him to take over for her someday) it was not expected that it would happen this soon. Therefore AV has been working his butt off these last few months to make a mark and hopefully take over that position very soon. You know what that means for me??? #Retirement Just kidding. 

-It’s officially class-taking season again. Continuing education classes get offered a lot during the Fall and Spring. I am signed up for three this Fall, the first being this weekend. To make matters worse beyond giving up 8 hours on a Saturday and Sunday, the class is being hosted at my clinic. So I will be going to my work all weekend. Fan-freaking-tastic. This is likely the opposite of retirement. 

-I am currently watching Grey’s Anatomy and man has this show gone down hill in a hurry. The graphics are just horrendous. Horrendous. I remember when this show was awesome. The Netflix of Grey’s got me through some long, lonely clinical rotations while I was in PT school. I can barely watch the show now. Why is the hospital always dark?  Who does medicine without the lights on? Plus, everyone looks so freaking OLD. You know what old makes me think of? Retirement. But truthfully, they should probably retire Grey’s…it’s getting kind of dumb.

-I have officially hit crazy cat lady status. I made an appointment to get Sam’s teeth cleaned. It’s going to cost us enough money to buy a few pairs of designer jeans, but he’s worth it and I would do anything to keep my boys happy and healthy. Maybe that means I am ready to be a Mom? Maybe? Before my Mom left the other day, she gave me a call and in the middle of a sentence she stopped to tell me that she’s ready to be a grandmother and would like to be one before she’s 90. Ok, Mom. While some may find those statements from parents annoying, I actually love how excited she is. One day, Mom. One day. Until then, you have the most wonderful grand-kittens to spoil, and one of them is about to have beautiful teeth! Oh boy. This one has nothing to do with retirement.

That’s it for now. I am off to work, because clearly I am not retired.

When Being Driven…Doesn’t Make You Popular

When being driven, doesn't make you popular | #career #feminism #youngprofessional

Some days I totally feel like I’m kicking butt and taking names. Others? I feel like I have no clue how I got to this point in my life. Being young in the professional world, I find myself working so hard to make a name for myself. For me, that means making personal connections with my patients so that they refer their family and friends. It means making relationships with referring providers, like physicians, so that they feel comfortable sending their patients to me.  And most importantly it means pushing myself to keep learning so that I can be an expert in my field.

I have challenged myself in the last year to really work on becoming a better physical therapist. While I know I just started a short 15 months ago, and it’s expected that I have a lot to learn,  I don’t want to let my “junior status” be an excuse to not knowing something. I want to be better as soon as I can.

Part of being a licensed professional involves continuing education to keep that license. I have to take one weekend class per year to maintain licensure. To give you some perspective on my level of craziness in my pursuit of more knowledge…I have taken 10 weekend classes in the last year. TEN.

So yes, sometimes I totally think I am kicking butt. I am working really hard taking many advanced classes and working toward board certification.  I hear from my family and friends: Didn’t you just graduate? Don’t you know all this now?  My response? Yes, I just graduated but no, I don’t know everything. Not even close. There is always more to know, especially in health care and for a field as diverse as physical therapy. So yes, I keep taking more classes.  And it’s really paid off. I have grown so much and I can see the results in my practice and the reviews from my boss for my dedication to my career.

But I’ve found out that working hard and receiving praise isn’t always butterflies and rainbows. A few months ago, one of colleagues who is as junior as I am, somewhat jokingly said, “Trish makes me feel inferior”.

Inferior?! Me?

I was hurt. I never want to make someone feel inferior or act like I am better than anyone else. In confidence, I addressed this comment with someone else to ask if I ever came across as making others feel inferior. Vehemently, I was told I never do.

Ok, good. Then I  thought about this a little more. It still bugged me that I made someone feel inferior. But I realize..I work hard, but not everyone else does. And the person who said that to me, would be part of that latter group. I know he doesn’t want to work as hard as me. I shouldn’t feel bad.

There are plenty of women who wouldn’t have felt hurt the way I did. They wouldn’t feel bad for making someone else feel inferior.  They’d be tough and think that it’s not their fault…who cares?. And I wish I could tell you that I was one of those women, kinda. But in reality, I care. I’m a sensitive soul.  And I don’t want to make my ambitions for success make others feel less inspired.

More I go through life working this way, the more I think some people really ‘get’  how hard I work to achieve what I have. And truthfully I don’t even have a lot yet, but I am working on it and making strides to get there.  What some don’t realize beyond my perceived success is that I work so hard and am so driven that sometimes it gets lonely. I wonder why other’s aren’t pushing as hard as I am. But from this, I have learned that it’s not my problem or my business. It’s ok for me to be driven…even if it doesn’t make me popular. I’m ok with that.

PUMPED…for Fall, Holidays, and Men on Skates

Even though everyone has been talking about Fall for weeks, it’s finally officially Fall today.  Which is fantastic in my book because I just love Fall. It’s my favorite season. And while the start of football season is part of the fall excitement, for me the football rush has already come and gone.

By week three, the Vikings have already solidified their uselessness as a football team and with their recent legal issues they don’t have a hope of getting anywhere this season. To make matters worse, I have to constantly listen to all the band-wagon, fair weather Seahawks fans. I’m over it.

Fortunately for me, my sports entertainment is looking up. Because today is a very important day in the life of a Canadian girl. It’s the start of hockey! Yes, hockey. I’ve mentioned enough around these parts to let the whole internet know that I love hockey. And while the Canucks are in “rebuilding” this…”This year the team will likely suck” I still enjoy watching my men in blue take their skates to the ice.


As the cold weather sports spark my excitement for hot chocolates and warm sweats, the weather here in the Pacific Northwest has not received any memo that Summer is over.  It’s still consistently in the 80s, which I am sure solidifying that statement on the blog means that the temps are about to take a nose-dive. So I might as well enjoy it while it lasts. Even though the temps are staying warm, the days here are starting to get short in a hurry. Dark commutes in and out of work each day are starting to be the norm. And I don’t think people around here are ready for it yet. I swear half of my patients yesterday morning were still asleep. But the darkening days remind me on one thing: HOLIDAYS!  I am a holiday fanatic, especially Christmas. Sue me, I am a crazy Christmas lady. But I will say, I like to take one holiday at a time.

First up? What I like to call “candy season”…aka Halloween. With just over a month to go, bring on the spooky and festive halloween decor! I’m not the biggest fan of halloween as an adult, because it’s become far to skanky for my tastes but I do love halloween for the kids and the candy. I can’t think of much cuter than my 4 year old niece dressed up as a princess! But more importantly, I have the biggest sweet tooth. What some would call a candy addiction that is uncontrollable. It’s bad.

I for one AM PUMPED for these upcoming months. Hockey. Zag Basketball. Parties. Holidays!

I may or may not have already bought a bag of candy from Costco.



ok, I did…