My Top 10 Things About Thanksgiving + $200 Amazon Giveaway

My Top 10 Things About Thanksgiving

  1. The food. An obvious choice. But if there is one good thing about being a Canadian-American is that I get to eat a turkey dinner twice.  People always ask why I celebrate both. Uhhhh…Cause why not!?
  2. Family.  I am a sucker for family events. Since AV and I moved back into Seattle, we don’t live around much family any more. Any chance I get to be with my family, I’ll take it.
  3. Friends. When you love your family like I do, they become your friends. When you have great friends, they start to become family. I like it that way.  Let’s get together and eat a lot?…Sounds good to me.
  4. Decor. I love the fall colors and sparking lights that go along with the holiday season. If money were no object, my house would look like a pottery barn magazine. I love decor!
  5. Football.  It isn’t Thanksgiving without a football game. This year my Seattle Seahawks will be playing, so dinner will be early!
  6. Parade. I don’t know what it is, but I love watching the parade. I often think how cool it would be to be in New York around the holidays. Cool…but also insane. I think I’ll just stay here for now…
  7. Vacation time. I love what I do for work, but seriously, we all need time off from work. And I get a nice long weekend since I don’t work on Wednesdays to begin with. Hello 5 day weekend!!!
  8. Cheer.  People seem to be nicer around the holidays. Maybe it’s the “holiday cheer”, the great food all around or the free-flowing booze. Whatever it is, being around happy people is always welcomed.
  9. Reflection. I’ve mentioned it before here, I love reflecting.  Thinking back on the year and all that I have to be thankful is one of the best parts of Thanksgiving!
  10. Shopping! Let the holiday craziness begin. I am not much of a black Friday shopper. I hate malls. But I am all for cyber Monday shopping. Speaking of cyber Monday, I have a great giveaway opportunity to win $200 to Amazon to soften the blow to your Amazon order next Monday. Good luck!!!

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5 Tips to Improve Your Resume NOW

Having a great resume is the key to landing a position in a tough job market.  When employers are sifting through candidates, a resume can make or break your chance at even getting a foot in the door. I remember going through extensive resume training when I was at the end of graduate school.  We had a class specifically tailored to writing a resume that would be a effective for physical therapy jobs. At that time, my resume had to be completely gutted and redone…and I admit, the hard work was worth it.  But what about after you land that job? To improve your chances for being ready for that next opportunity, you should still be improving your resume.

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…too busy to write a real blog post. Obviously

THINKING: I will not take a continuing education class for a long long time. Taking two in one month, back-to-back, has been rough. They are 8-5 Friday through Sunday, so the entire weekend gets snapped up. I have the second class this weekend and then a short week next week. I just have to make it to Thanksgiving!!

WANTING: A new bathroom for our new house. The one and only bathroom of our house is a minty green color and the shower currently doesn’t work. Not ideal. So, we are hoping to get it re-done before we move in. Also, this carpet has to go!2014-11-19 11.42.05

FEELING: the warmth of our fireplace. We all love fireplace season in my family. Especially the cat.

2014-11-17 06.21.47-1

LOVING: My husband. Per usual.  But I have to say, he has been working his butt off lately at work. I am truly in awe of him sometimes. His dedication to everything is inspiring!

TASTING: Some amazing Trader Joe’s carmel swirl chocolate and vanilla ice cream. If you’ve been reading for a while, you may have read me mention that I have been trying to eliminate dairy. It makes my allergies really bad. Unfortunately, I love ice cream…and TJs ice cream is the best. So, fail.

SMELLING: The sweet scent of a mistletoe candle. I love the holidays!

WATCHING: My Vancouver Canucks win another game. They are on a roll this year. I hope they can keep it up.

ANTICIPATING: Thanksgiving next week. I am so in need of a break, I can’t even begin to describe. I am very much looking forward to a day without meetings, continuing education classes or fully-booked with patients. Plus… there will be food!

HOPING: My annual review goes well at work this week. I think that it will, in the sense of my work this year..but I am anxious to see what the raises will be like.

WISHING: There was more time in the day. Always

Back to regularly scheduled content soon! Hope everyone’s week is going well so far!

That Time I Bought a House…

So I have to start off by saying I was wrong in my post here. I thought I would end up with a series of posts of attempts to buy a house. Turns out I was wrong. Which I am completely ok with. Where to begin…??

Fresh off the disappointment of losing house number 1, AV and I decided to give ourselves some time to rebound and regroup. We were still determined, however, to stay active with looking for a house. Not get discouraged. And keep up the fight. Seattle real estate is a fierce competition right now. 

AV and I have been looking for homes for over 9 months. We have been diligently viewing and looking at homes online, going to open houses, and collecting “data” on sales trends and pricing. We did all our research so that we would know what was needed to win a house, when we found that lucky home.

Flash forward to house offer number one, it was more disappointing than I could have imagined. We did our research, we were prepared, we saved for a 20% downpayment and lost to someone who put down 50%. Bummer.

The day after we didn’t get that house, I was having brunch with a girlfriend and telling her my sob story about how we didn’t get the house. I was bummed, but nothing a few mimosas couldn’t fix. Somewhere between mimosa 2 and 3, I got a text from AV about a house that my sister-in-law sent us a link to. It was a bit pricey, but looked promising.

Quickly, we set up an appointment with our realtor to see the home privately. The home had been on the market for a while, so we were hoping if it worked out we could get the price down. We ended up find out out that the reason it likely didn’t ell quickly was that they were trying to sell the house themselves through My Secret Agent and didn’t put a lock-box on the door for over a month. Ie… Real estate agents couldn’t get in to see the house. That’s a bit of a problem

So we saw it that Sunday. We decided that since the house was on the market for over 45 days that we had some time. We wanted to come back and see it again  that following Wednesday with my sister-in-law for an outside opinion.

Come Tuesday, we got word that an all-cash offer got submitted on the house. ALL CASH. #Lovely

We lose the first house to a 50% cash offer, to go on to face an all cash offer? Things were not looking up. Which was exactly why I thought I would be writing a dozen of those posts.

We were not prepared to ask full price on the house or even the same amount as the cash offer.  And to save this story from becoming a novel, I’ll just say that the seller notified my real estate agent what the cash offer price was. Regardless, we were encourage to make an offer if we wanted the house at a price that we felt comfortable with. So we did. It was less than the cash offer.

Not looking good….

We obviously didn’t hold out a lot of hope for our offer. And as it turns out, that was a fair assumption. We never heard a response to our offer. A week later we checked in with our real estate agent to see what the deal was with the house.  Apparently, the seller countered the cash offer and they came to some agreement and papers were to be signed in the next few days. A week passes and the house is still on the MLS.

We check in again.

Turns out the cash offer fell through. They were taking too long to respond. The seller wanted close to ask price and let our realtor know that they were going to hold out for that price. So she let them know that if they want to entertain a lower number, to let us know. We were still here. 

Two days later, they come back and say they’ll take the price that we came up to.  Which was the same as the cash offer, but still lower that the asking price. We had some major logistics to work out because the house needs some immediate plumbing work to the only bathroom. Once we got a quote on that, we were squared away.

In the midst of going back and forth, going day by day, waiting for news on our house..we got some REALLY exciting news. [No I’m not pregnant].  AV got a raise. Like a 30%+ raise…

WOO HOO! Some serious stars aligned for this house to be ours. I truly believe that. Between the cash offer falling apart and AV’s huge raise, this house never would have been ours.

I am so glad this process of house hunting is over. This may in fact be the longest post I have ever written. I am sorry. A [shorter] story to come about the actual house itself.

Happy Tuesday everybody!!

Independence…What is it good for?

Absolutely Nothing.


It’s something that I personally have been working on my entire life. Somewhere along the way, it’s been engrained in me that I should be a strong, independent woman.

Independence...What Is it Good For?? | | @Beyond the Khaki Pants | #career #feminism #women

I have to attribute a big part of my influence for independence on my mother.  She always told me how important it was to financially independent, to be able to make my own money. When I was younger, I didn’t quite know why that was such a big deal. I knew my parents pooled their money. They were (and are) happily married. They really relied on each other to keep the house and family going. 

Flash forward many many years. I completely get it. It’s not about the money, per se, its about the independence. It’s about having options, should you need them. It’s about protecting yourself.

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