My Pet Peeves #Blogtober14

So much is going on right now with trying to buy a house. It’s been crazy. I feel like I need one more of me just to look for houses. We put in offer #2 today as we did not get the house we put an offer in last weekend. We’ll see how that goes. Currently the number one pet peeve in my life are people with loads and loads of cash. But that’s not really a pet peeve. But seriously, we are competing against offers that are 50% and 100% cash.  Crazy. But as for a real list of pet peeves…

  1. People saying “Eboli”. More often I hear this than the correct way of saying it, “Ebloa”.  I think people are confusing “ebloa” with E. Coli and combining them into one word. It’s annoying. Good news though, we all have a zero percent chance at catching the Eboli virus. It doesn’t exist.
  2. People who eat loudly. Drives me insane. INSANE.
  3. Poor cell phone manners. Good manners would include: not walking into a room while on the phone and excusing your self before answering the phone if in the presence/talking to someone else concurrently.
  4. People who don’t know when to stop talking. Conversations are a two-way street. At least the good ones are.
  5. Annoying “blessed” facebook posts. Gone are the days when people could communicate with each other on facebook. It’s turned into a dumping ground for bragging.

That is all for now. My brain is mush from house shopping.

Helene in Between Blogtober

What I’m Craving + A $300 Kate Spade GIVEAWAY

A few weeks ago I wrote that I was going to indulge on one item this year since I have not bought any clothes/accessories/ ANYTHING in at least 3 months. Not even going out to lunch. While it has been good for the savings account, I am getting a little stir crazy to buy something. That something? A cross body bag.

I have my mind set on the Little Minka bag from Kate Spade. I don’t have a cross body bag and as I walk across the city [all the time] I often think it would be nice to free up my arms from holding a purse.  I’m still deciding though. And I might scrounge ebay to see if I can find a used one. What do you think of the bag?

Speaking of Kate Spade, there is a giveaway going on! Your chance to win $300 to Kate Spade. Enter below and good luck!!

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My Passion: People Who Move ‘Wrong’ (AKA Physical Therapy)

As anticipated, I am already failing at this #feelgoodblogging challenge as we were suppose to blog everyday for 7 days straight. That clearly didn’t happen. This past weekend was busy as we ended up putting in an offer on a house. CRAZY. Yes. We ended up getting approved last week and we have enough for our 20% down payment. So when a house we loved lowered their price, we had to jump fast. Story of this to come later.

Let’s talk about my passion.

I have said it before, I am passionate about success.  Success to me is living the life that I want. Making no excuses and going after what I want. Part of that is my career passion, which is physical therapy.  I love being a PT and I spent years making my career become a reality.  My passion is helping people help themselves to allow for improved mobility and ultimately improved function.

Everyone always asks me why I decided to become a PT. I always reply, there is no good reason or story, I just really like it. Most PTs have some sort of story of how PT really helped them. Me? Not so much. I have been relativity injury free my whole life.

In the blogging world, we are often advised to blog about our passion. Subsequently, I get asked why I don’t ever blog about health or exercise. When it comes to PT, I really think it’s best not to get information from the internet. I have to spend at least 20% of my time with my patients to convince them otherwise from the information they found on the internet. It drives me crazy.

Working with people is tough. I don’t anticipate that people will ever change. But a big perk of why I am passionate about PT is that I get to change lives. I get to save people from costly, painful surgeries (sometimes). I get to know my patients since I work with them often. I get to be a part of their lives for a window of time. It unbelievable to hear “You have been the only one who has helped me” from a patient who has seen multiple providers. It’s touching to hear “Because I can walk now, I can make it to my daughter’s graduation/wedding/etc”.  And the bottom line is, that it’s just amazing to see what the human body can do and how resilient it can be.

Finding passion in my life is so important. It’s what keeps me going when life gets tough and tiring. Not every day or patient is a joy, but I often think I am lucky to be doing what I am doing and I wouldn’t change a thing.

My Passion: Physical Therapy | | #feelgoodblogging

A [Re] Introduction: Hi My Name Is…

This little slice of the world wide web has become more than just a little part of my life. It’s a place to have some “me” time after a long day of giving myself to others. Since officially starting the blog in April,  and really getting it going in July, this blog has grown a lot. I know everyone says that. Seriously, everyone does. But really, I went from around 20 views a month in May to 4000 in July. I know 4000 pageviews is not much relatively speaking, but I was still amazed to see it happen. I don’t share my blog across my personal social media to protect my last name. Most people in my “real life” don’t know I have a blog to protect some personal privacy.  Like many other bloggers, I grew this blog from nothing. 

When I came across Alex’s Feel Good Blogging Challenge, I thought it was a good time to re-introduce myself since I originally introduced myself in April when I had 7 page views. And just like #Blogtober14, there’s a fat chance I’ll do this everyday. Cause you know, life.

Who are you?

My name is Trish. In May of 2013, I graduated from graduate school with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I have spent the last year and a half (or so) figuring out life in the real world as a newbie young professional. In the midst of PT school, I married my college sweetheart of 5 years.  I’m a self proclaimed “dog person”, with a serious golden retriever problem, that somehow ended up with 2 cats. 

I started blogging because I love to write. I have been reading blogs for years, so that was my initial inspiration. This transitional period in my life (grad school to real world) has been something I have looked forward to for many years and I love that I have a place to document, connect and inspire with others.

Who is your blog for?

I blog for myself as a creative outlet and for women who are young professionals, students and anyone who is ambitious and driven. I am passionate about success. I love connecting with other women and discussing tips, tricks and inspiration to find success in our own lives and in our own way. I also love sharing stories of my life. I love relishing in the triumphs and commiserating in the trials of being a 20 something with others. 

What’s something you’ve been working toward that you am REALLY proud of?

There has been a lot this year that I am really proud of, including the start [and success] of this blog. However, there are two things that I am really proud of:

One- Since I started working so quickly after graduating last year, I qualified to sit for board certification next year. While I haven’t passed yet, I could be a board certified specialist come this time next year. It would be a huge accomplishment. 

Two- The thing that I am most proud of lately is the amount of money that AV and I have saved in the last 15 months for our house. I was on the fence whether or not to share the details on this, as discussing specifics on money is not always kosher, but I decided oh well…it’s my blog. And in light of transparency, I thought it is worth sharing. We will have saved $40k in a year and a half. I know this might not sound like a lot to some and to others like it’s huge, but for us it was a big deal! In Seattle, homes are expensive so we need a big downpayment. We have pretty typical salaries for Seattle, and this amount of savings has been the result of some serious hard work and sacrifice along the way. But not without a little indulgence here and there, because we still love to do things like vacationing in Maui

What is one message I hope people take away from my blog?

I hope that readers take away a sense of inspiration and relate-ability. I don’t intend on inspiring everyone through every post. I wrote a post through the voice of my cat. I can’t imagine that inspired many. But I do think that this is an awesome time in my life. The trials and triumphs of being a 20 something that I go through are very common. I hope that others can take away a sense of genuine, honest and relatable content that they can connect with too. 

I want people to think…. “I also have  student loan debt, no clue where life is taking me, completely exhausted from trying to push myself…but that’s ok”. We’re all there. 

Haleakala Maui |

*At the top of Mt Haleakala in Maui. It ’twas chilly.

The Dichotomy of My World: Babies Babies Babies

I’m going to save you the whole “life is busy” spiel, because everyone says that.  And likely, my life probably isn’t really that busy, but a lot has been going on. So much to the point that I have had a lot on my mind but very little time to get to my computer.

So what’s been going on in my life? Babies, Babies, Babies.

None of my own. Thankyouverymuch. But a lot of babies everywhere else.

I had a friend give birth every week during September and the first week of October.  Yes, a baby every week! There must have been something in the water 4o weeks ago.

As I have been running around town meeting the newest people of the world, I have inherently received the whole “Oh Trish, you look so good with a baby” comments. #Obviously

Note to self: I really should think of new responses to fend off these comments.

And the babies don’t end there. Just a few weekends ago I was went over to a friend’s baby shower who is due in early November. Yes, more babies.  She lives way out in the burbs of Seattle. More like a suburb of a suburb. Way out there in my book.  Even though it was practically in the middle of no where, I had a blast (who doesn’t love a baby shower). It was a coed baby shower/BBQ with tons of people and kids. I even got to meet a 2 week old baby of one of my PT classmates! Brand-new people are the best, in my opinion. Being surrounded by a lot of families made AV and I stand out just a bit since we were one of the few that arrived sans a kid.  #MissedTheMemo

After the baby shower, (in the middle of nowhere, remember) AV and I headed back into the city to make it to friend’s housewarming party that evening. The party was celebrating the purchase of a new condo in Belltown (right in the heart of Seattle) by a couple of our friends who were married earlier this year.

I couldn’t think of anything more opposite of having a baby then buying a [small] 1 bedroom condo (for a ridiculous amount of money)  in the middle of the city.

The housewarming party was the epitome of ‘city people’.  A bunch of 20 and 30 somethings eating hors d’oeuvre and sampling different wines. Conversations were based on career happenings and advancements as well as planning the next big social event, sporting gig and vacation.  Ah, the life without kids. An added bonus for us? We walked there in 10 minutes. No car needed…my favorite!

Ah that day summed up the dichotomy of my life. I enter “family world” where I am pestered about having little people soon, as I am getting “old”. And I have “city world” where people not only tell me to not have kids yet, they think it’s insane to entertain the thought of kids before 30 as I am “too young”.

I have no intention of letting anyone’s opinion influence my decision to have kids and when, it is quite bizarre to have experienced these opposite worlds on the same day.  Who knew that 27 was both ‘getting old’ and ‘too young’ all at the same time?

On a final note, even though this was just one day, this happens to me all the time, and it is what it is. And also, a post is not a post without a picture, so I leave you with my ‘babies’.

Orange Tabby Cat in Laundry Orange Tabby Cat |

Are you surrounded by people who tell you to having kids? Or by those that continually tell you to wait, “There’s no rush”? Or Both?