Currently (with some updates)

Halloween decor is in the stores right now. Halloween! As in the holidays, folks. When did that happen?

A few things to get you updated on what I’ve been doing…


…four years of marriage. Seems like just yesterday we were walking down the aisle. The years seem to be ticking away. In honor of our anniversary, we always get a cake from our wedding cake bakery. So good!

2015-08-16 20.51.42


…a little overwhelmed. It’s been an incredibly busy summer this year and I am really looking forward to slowing down a bit this fall.


…going on vacation in a few weeks. AV planned and surprised me with a trip coming up. He recently told me where we are going and I could not be more excited. NYC!! We are off to watch the world’s greatest tennis players at the US open!!

Working on

…house projects. All. The. Time. They just keep coming this year. We started off by refinishing our hardwood floors. Then we did a full bath remodel. And now we are replacing all our windows and baseboards as well as painting the entire house. There are plenty of other ‘little’ projects going on as well.  A sneak peak of the bathroom remodel!

2015-04-10 19.32.29




…a tiny human. Perhaps the biggest happening of them all…I am pregnant! Quickly approaching 16 weeks in fact. And for the last while,if you were wondering where I’ve been. Busy? Yes. But mostly..sleeping. Because who knew the first trimester could suck all the living energy out of you. So for the last 3 months, I have been sleeping as much as humanly possible.



I am so ready for fall to be here. Summer has felt like a never ending season this year. I am ready for boots. And leggings. And looking pregnant instead of just a little chubby.


Summer Time

Summer time…and the livin’ is easy not near a computer.


I don’t have anything ground breaking to say about that other than it’s summer. And busy. And blah blah blah.

But also, it’s been flippin’ hot in Seattle.  As in, multiple days in the 90+ category. And all you folks who live somewhere hotter who are thinking “so what!?”…well you can just stop right there. Cause us Seattleites can’t hack it in 90+ degree temperatures.

Too hot. AC units were selling out in seconds when stores would get them in. Fortunately for us, our neighbors gave us one….which was really cool. [<–see what I did there]

With my company going through a sale recently, a lot of my focus and energy has been on work and navigating the changes that will be coming my way with the new company.  Funny enough, the same time my company was sold, AV’s company acquired another company. I have to say, I’d rather do the buying than the being bought. Oh, well.

So I’ll keep it short and sweet today. But I really do promise I’ll be back soon, I have multiple posts in drafts coming out shortly! It wouldn’t be summer with a bunch of weekend getaways, which for this girl…means trips to Canada. My home and native land! I’ll leave ya with a picture of AV and I at his cousin’s wedding in Calgary, Alberta. Home of the Calgary Stampede, y’all!BTKP


Life Lately

Even though I’ve been back at the blog more often lately, I’m still having a hard time getting here multiple times per week. With summer weather already here in Seattle, it’s hard to say “no” to the outside in leui of this computer. Plus, the house projects won’t just do themselves.

I never want to paint again.

But I have also had a few things going on like my trip to Montana. I try to go every year in the spring/early summer. With everything that has gone on this year so far, I needed a “vacation”. Three days to Montana isn’t exactly a vacation in my book, but it was nice to see my parents and I love visiting there. So I’ll take what I can get.

In fact, I have only taken one vacation day in the last 6 and half months. And that was so I could study for my board exam. Now that wasn’t a vacation.

Speaking of that pesky exam, you know the one I took MARCH 9th…I get the results any day now. Any day. Any day now…

Not like they tell us a specific day or anything like “June 10th” (that would be too nice). Instead they post on the website that the results will be ready in June.  I can’t help but let it take up some of my daily brain power. Ugh.  It must be part of the torture. First a 7 hour exam. Then wait three months for the results. Then anxiously think about the results every day in June.

I check my email about 23542347 times a day. <—- That’s gotta be a reason why I haven’t been blogging as much. Chronic email checking.

What were talking about?

Montana. Far from physical therapy land and into to the land of big trucks, big sky and people who love to wave.

My no-dairy diet went up in flames when my parents bought me a dairy queen cake. #cantsayno

My parents house in general is where all diets go to die. But #yolo…or whatever.

I have also spent an excessive amount of time on craigslist as we are trying to finally finish furnishing our house. Which is expensive. Enter=Craigslist.

Except craigslist is anything but a walk in the park. Shopping on craigslist is somewhere between a recreation intramural sports league and a part time job.

To get the best stuff you have to check often, every day (or even more than once a day) and out compete the competition. Get there faster and offer $5 more.

Fortunately, which the email checking habit in full pursuit, I’ve also added in a daily CL scan for the items that we need to finish the house.

To finish off another completely random post, I leave you with some pictures from my trip to Montana including one of the cutest golden retrievers EVER.

Happy Golden Retriever

Happy Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

2015-06-07 08.13.34-1

Back soon, promise.


There I was, just starting to settle in to my new job. Among the many changes in my life this year, my work place was one of them. Due to the fact that I already knew the “company policies” and the EMR systems, I was basically thrown into my new clinic straight into the deep end. Evaluating a ton of new patients at once. Which is tough for two reasons: (1) It’s hard to meet a bunch of new people at once and remember them/keep them straight and (2) it’s a lot of initial documentation.

No biggie. I got this. I work hard all the time. I can do this. 

While I hate to complain, it really was a kick in the pants for a few weeks. And as much as the company polocies are the same, every clinic has it’s own culture and flow…which I was trying to mesh in with. Which isn’t hard…it’s just new.

Once I got through the frenzy of filling up my case load, I really was starting to feel comfortable. Like this was my new “work home”. I was glad I made the choice to transfer and my commute is much much better.

No more work changes for a while, I thought.


And that’s when I walked into work on Tuesday after Memorial day to find that we were having an impromptu work meeting. Booked appointments were going to be cancelled.

Say what? Our company won’t cancel an appointment for anything other than the PT being ill.

Well, as I thought almost immediately when I heard of the meeting, my company had been sold.

Sold. This little PT company that I have grown to love so much was sold and acquired by a much larger company.

Just when I thought things were going to settle down for a bit…wrong.

More changes coming to my life as I start seeing my work life change once again. I have hope that this acquisition will bring challenge and growth to my career so that I can continue to improve and work toward my goals.

The blessing in all of this is that I don’t fear job-loss. My job title is what creates revenue for the company, so they are not firing any PTs. Silver linings people, that’s all I’ve got.

2015, you’ve been a doozy so far. A doozy.

28 at 28

Back from being a slacker (again). I’m now officially another year older and with that, a few ramblings from a girl who is 28.

  1.  Being a planner is in my soul. Every time I read a pintrest quote about spontaneity being the key to happy life…I think clearly this doesn’t apply to me. Love-me a good plan.
  2. Working on my house is the most rewarding process. And I mean process. Not project. Because a project has an end and working on my house…well I can guess there will never be an end.
  3. The Vancouver Canucks are trying to kill their fan base. I’m convinced. What other explanation could there be for losing with a 3 goal lead in an elimination game?  I don’t care about hockey anyway. #denial
  4. Four= The number of years AV and I have been married.
  5. Change is hard, but good. I am fiercely loyal, so I love what I love. But also, I am learning to roll with the changes.
  6. I have no clue why people sun tan. The more we can embrace the paleness, the better. Seriously, lather up people,  protect your skin!
  7. It’s hard to determine when to say “yes” and when to say “no”. I will always be trying to find this balance.
  8. I embrace the crazy cat lady life. I am a self-proclaimed “dog person” but somehow ended up with 2 cats. Whom I love. You can follow them on instagram at #btkpcats.
  9. I have been a practicing PT for 2 years. TWO YEARS. Time is flying.
  10. Speaking on time, it keeps going by faster and faster. Especially when you go to grad school. I started school at 18 and I turn around and I’m 26.  Where did the years go!?
  11. We are on a list here in Seattle to adopt a golden retriever.  We are patiently waiting for a call to be placed with a dog.
  12. Saving money is so important in your 20s. I often think about if I am doing enough to reach our goals. We have been using YNAB to keep our family on budget.
  13. Since graduating with my DPT, I have taken 10 continuing education classes and sat for board certification. I just decided to jump in the deep end and go all out. Why not?
  14. I love that my parents are retired, they totally deserve it. But I wish time would slow down for them, I don’t want them to get any older.
  15. I recently (in the last few months) have made the decision to give up dairy. I am not perfect, but I’m working on it. It’s been rough, to say the least.  The reason why? It make’s my allergies insane. No stomach issues, just sneezing and congestion. It’s the worse.
  16. This post is getting kinda lengthy. I apologize. Maybe in my 29th year I will work on writing shorter posts. Maybe.
  17. AV and I both have started new jobs this year. Only a day apart.
  18. I think there should be cell-phone etiquette classes when you buy a cell phone.
  19. Being a healthcare provider is both extremely rewarding and insanely crushing. Being able to help people as a PT is one of the best things in my life. But being a healthcare provider comes with a slew of scrutiny and the inability to make everyone happy. It can be tough.
  20. I get to be a bridesmaid again this year! I love being a part of someone’s wedding. I think it’s incredibly special. And for the third time I will be walking down the isle in support of a friend. And for the third time, I will be wearing a grey bridesmaid dress. Seriously…they were all grey.
  21. I am so glad I decided to start this blog last year. Even though I have been a total slacker lately, I am happy that I have this space. And I actually do have drafts in place. I just need to finish them.
  22. Life has never been busier. Cue the “Zzzz’s” that been around the blog lately.
  23. I have been to home depot about 50 times so far this year. It’s too much. Too much.
  24. I am not great about picking out paint colors. Or anything art/decorative related. Hence the many paint samples.
  25. I find out the results of my board exam within a matter of weeks. I freak out (internally) when I think about it. So I don’t think about it.
  26. AV and I still have so much furniture to buy.  If a winning lottery ticket could fall out of the sky that would be great. Any time now…
  27. All these grown-up problems aren’t really problems, ya know. Who say’s you need living room furniture?
  28. Cheers to getting old but feelin’ young!

2015-05-16 18.48.51-1


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