Life, and a Bathroom Remodel Update

Life has had a lot of moving parts for me lately. Most likely too many, because for another week I feel short here on the ol blog.

Which is a bummer, because when life gets insane, it usually makes for some great blog posts. If only I had someone to get the thoughts out of my head and write on my blog for me. And also…if that person could come to work with me an do my documentation, that would be great.  Charting. The bane of the existence for any health care provider. #truth

Anyways…so many things going on that I just could not get myself to my computer.  I went days without opening my computer, let alone write a blog post. It’s tough to write when you feel like you are constantly running on E.

Now that spring is here, the weather in Seattle is warming up quite nicely. I feel like I am getting that second wave of energy that I have been missing in the last month since I took my board exam and been living through our remodel.

There is so much to be done with our house. I know we have “tons of time” to get to everything. But somethings are just driving us nuts. So we want to tackle them ASAP.  One of those things, getting proper window coverings for our living room and bedrooms. Which means, we should probably paint first.

So painting we are doing. Yippee. Except not.

Between the painting and the full time working, AV and I are also adjusting to new jobs. Which is really exciting. We are also having our housewarming party in a few weeks, so we are in a bit of a crunch to get to a point with the painting where we can put all our painting stuff away.

I do have some posts already in the works about career advancement. I have touched on subjects before of asking for raises and navigating career growth, but I have some awesome stories about how I recently negotiated a raise. Because duh, it’s me.... OF COURSE I asked for a raise. I realized there is one big thing that AV and I have done for years that has helped us in negotiating salary and in turn almost double our take home between the two of us in two years. So stay tuned for that tip coming to the blog soon.

So until then, I will leave you with this. An update on our bathroom remodel with a quick iphone photo. I promise it’s not as dark in there as the photo suggests. Real photos coming soon!

2015-04-10 19.32.29




Making No Excuses

I’m back from my blogging hiatus. There have been just too many things happening lately, but I am glad to be back to this space and my corner of the internet.

So part of what’s been going on is that I have started my “new job”…. which is really my same job but just at a new (much closer to where I live) location. It’s been a long time coming and I am thrilled at the time I am getting back from my commute. While the transfer has been a very long time coming, it also wasn’t the easiest thing to make this happen.

When I was in my early 20’s, I would be more likely to apologize for everything. I think many women fall victim to over-apologizing. Sorry this and sorry for that.  Often for things that I didn’t cause or in any shape could be at fault for. I feared upsetting people.

Flash forward only a few short years into my later 20’s and I find myself with a different approach.

I’m making no excuses for doing things that are right for me. Taking a step out of my comfort zone and asking for what I want.

Now, that sounds a little harsh, and not to mention selfish. But in sense, I think I have learned to be a little selfish.

About a month ago, I had a conversation with my boss regarding any news with my transfer for a clinic close to where I live. I have been patiently waiting (After about 10 months) for news that there would be a spot for me soon.  I hinted at that I may be interviewing somewhere else.

My boss was understandably upset with the news that I may be leaving the company.

Younger Trish would have been apologetic for upsetting her boss. Older Trish? Making no excuses for taking control of my career and my happiness, even if it upsets someone else. Ultimately, I’ve learned that I can’t always try to make everyone happy. Which sounds so obvious…yet, it’s still in my instincts to try to do.

The last few months have been a growing experience in my professional life where I really have taken the reins to creating a future that I want.

What all this really comes down to is this:

#SorryImNotSorry and the world is your oyster…but only if you make it to be.

What’s New?

There’s nothing quite like a conversation with your grandparent to make you stop and smell the roses. I called (or “phoned” as my Canadian friends would say) my grandmother the other day… we try to catch up about once per week.  I love these conversations we have, but usually they end up just about the same every  time.

Grams asked me, “What’s new?

I have the type of Grandparents that just love to hear about all the things my brother and I are doing. Living vicariously? Maybe. But we’re the only grandkids so I get it.

The first words out of my mouth? “Not much”.

Wrong. So wrong.

She follows up with a “How’s AV’s job going?” It’s common knowledge in my family that he is a work horse.

I fill her in, “Oh, he’s starting a new job”. My grandmother gives me an “Oh, really” and I continue to explain that he’s been working insane hours (what else is new?) because his company is being sold and he’s in charge of the financial statements blah blah blah. And in the midst of all this, during a lunch time meeting with a old colleague, he got offered a new job he couldn’t refuse. Perfect.

My Grams goes on to ask how MY job is going. “Oh, I got a new job too!” She gives me another “Oh, really!”. I went on to explain how I finally got offered a transfer to a clinic closer to where I live and that soon I will not have to make my hour long commute anymore. HOORAY.

Just when I think I filed in my Grams about all that was going on, she went and asked about how the house was coming along. “Well, we’re starting our renovation on our bathroom…” Because who doesn’t love renovating their only bathroom. #INeedAVacation

Somehow being “in the weeds” so-to-speak of the craziness it all really doesn’t seem that overwhelming. I am anxiously (read: nervous excitement) waiting the results from my board exam as well as the start of my new job. I hope I love it as much as I anticipated (I spent a lot of effort making it happen). I pray that everything works out ok in the remodel…ie: no major issues. But this isn’t an HGTV show, so I think we’re in the clear.  Once the bathroom is done, we will be moving on to our next project(s) including replacing our windows, painting and furnishing our house.

Bottom line with all of this. I am actually kinda nervous. Nervous for my new job. For AV’s new job. That the bathroom will finish on time and that it will be what we wanted.

And as much as the nervous excitement/anxiousness is draining, it’s also energizing. I figure…in a few short weeks, I could be working at my dream job and be coming how to a beautiful bathroom. AV and I have learned SO MUCH in the last few weeks about career navigation and even more about salary negotiations (coming to the blog soon about this) that I am thankful we are taking this giant leap of change in stride.

So what’s new? A whole lot. But ‘new’ and ‘change’ are the name of my game…and I’m ready!

*** And because a post isn’t a post without a picture…a little update on the bathroom!!!

2015-03-17 19.40.22

2015-03-25 18.53.58

Bathroom Remodel (The Before!)

When AV and I put an offer on our house, we knew that the shower didn’t work. We also knew that the bathroom was UGLY as all get out.

Ugly on multiple different levels. There were so many shades of green between the tile and paint. The vanity was extremely low to the point I worried about the long term health of our backs. I know..the physical therapist in me can’t help it.

The bathroom had to go. But we also knew that we couldn’t “lose” the house over a silly little issue like the only shower not working. This post could also be titled “You know you are buying a house in a competitive market when...” So we bought the house and decided to tackle the project ourselves with the plan to have part of the renovation done before we move in.

Enter: Hysterical laughing at the last statement.

You may be thinking…But, Trish, you’ve been living in your house for months now? Without a functioning shower?!

Yes, blog reader…Yes.

And while I love my regular exercise that I’ve been getting (No really, I do. I’m a PT) I am getting sick of showering at the gym.

I am happy to report that we have FINALLY started our bathroom renovation this week. The end is in sight. And I wouldn’t be a blogger with out a before post. So here ya go!

The before:

Bathroom Remodel Before

Bathroom Remodel Before

My 5 Top Tips for Getting Into Grad School (Nothing To Do with GPAs!!)

The number one topic I get emailed about is about how I style my khaki pants.

No, just kidding. Clearly.

It’s getting into grad school.  Which are emails I love getting by the way!

Higher education is something that I feel beyond grateful for. I am extremely passionate about it too.  I think education is invaluable and I am so thankful that I have had the opportunities that I have. Even though it’s unbelievably expensive, I still find it worth it…which is why I said here, that I love my student loans.

I was “lucky” enough to get into PT school on my first attempt. And I say “lucky” because I do think there’s a hint of luck in getting into graduate school and at the same time I think this quote definitely applies to admission as well.



“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it” – Thomas Jefferson


 My 5 Top Tips For Getting Into Grad School

Getting Into Grad

1. Apply early and broadly. I think it’s a critical step to apply as early as possible, regardless if the school uses rolling admissions or not. Being a first application means that you can be sure they have not filled their class already and also it allows  you to “fix” anything in your application if need be. Like, if you forgot to submit something. Applying broadly was a key to my success (I think). Do not make assumptions on where you think you will get in vs where you think you won’t. I got into the “top” two schools I applied to (Regis and Columbia) and I didn’t get in to smaller programs without a reputation. Go figure. Apply broadly. Just do it.

2. Do Your Research. Each school is unique, and subsequently they want unique things from their candidates. For example,  if the school is a Jesuit University, make sure you know what that means. It is VERY important to them that their students embody the Jesuit tradition.  For different reason, determine what the school is known for (service, leadership, research, etc) and make sure that all aspects of your application reflect your abilities to be able to succeed with those traits in mind. Ultimately, you become a reflection of that University. Make sure you know what they are looking for. ***Note…this means that you shouldn’t have a “One fits All” application. Even if using a centralized application service, change your essays to be individualized for the school with secondary apps. SO SO SO important!!

3. Make it Your Job. Applying to graduate school is like a part-time job. You volunteer. You study for your entrance exam. You get references.  You research. You travel. Blah Blah Blah. It takes a lot of time. I took a few hours off each week from my job (the one that paid) and moved back home to have a cheaper rent. Do want you have to give yourself some time to do this once. I lost money by working a little less, but it paid off in the long run because I became a PT faster.

4. Get a Second Opinion on EVERYTHING. Nothing looks worse than sending in an application with typos and grammatical errors. I know I must do it frequently here on the blog.  Fortunately for me,I already went through graduate school. Get someone to read every last word of your application. It’s something that could get your app tossed right away and you just wasted $100s on your application fee.

5. Ace Your Entrance Exam. I know, I know. The exams are dumb. “They don’t test your knowledge” and “They aren’t a good measure of who is going to be a good Doctor/Lawyer/PT etc”. But no matter what the test is, I strongly think this is an important step of getting in. I will say, I do know that test scores aren’t everything (Ie…plenty of people get in to school with “bad” scores”). This is the bottom line about test scores though: They are the ONLY thing that is uniform/standard among applicants. THE ONLY THING. Unless you took the same classes, from the same school, at the same time, and got the same grades. But that doesn’t happen, right?  No two people share the same personality/GPA (from the same exact classes + school)/ Volunteer experience/work experience…but we all take the same exam. Something to think about! ***How I got into the 90th Percentile on the GRE with these tips!***

Now, I’m no expert on the matter, but these are tips that when I mentor prospective grad students, they seem to work time after time. It’s important to realize that there are more good candidates than there are spots. Which sucks. But it’s reason to not get frustrated on the process and be even more focused on the process.

Good luck to all that are applying!!

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